Armed your WordPress Membership sites with powerful development tools


ArmedWP is a WordPress plugin that has capabilities to scale and extend features with beautiful UI designs on top of popular membership plugins such as BuddyPress and Ultimate Member.

About Armed WP

Problems with Membership and Community WordPress plugins nowadays are making the site not maintanable and difficult to scale when it has reached a potential market and large site traffic.

As a WordPress Developer for almost 10 years, I’ve already encountered many problems when developing small  to large complex apps using WordPress site. So if we think that plugins are just a “plugin” but not as a component for building apps with WordPress, it keeps the web development limited by following the WordPress standards.

With ArmedWP plugin, this breaks the barrier in developing membersip sites and web applications  with WordPress –  to follow what most of the popular large and enterprise application developers do and make your site maintanable and scalable.

I’ve experienced migrating some WordPress sites into a standalone web application with Laravel framework and it made the development easier and scalable. Clients are abondoning WordPress due to the limitations that most plugins ( not all ) offer and they were losing money by just maintaning bloated sites with multiple plugins and paying extra $ for developers just to fix conflicts and breaking-changes with third-party plugins.

ArmedWP works on top of WordPress plugins to help developers scale and maintain the WordPress membership sites/apps easily. Let’s get Armed and build better WordPress sites/apps.

— Champ Camba, ArmedWP Founder / Developer


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More Building, Less breaking and bug fixing

Avoid breaking-changes everytime we update plugins. No time wasted on debugging third-party plugins.

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Seamless Scale

Scared of updating plugins to the latest version due to breaking-changes and unstable development standards? Recreate the feature and go beyond as a standalone web application.

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50+ Components for App Features

ArmedWP is integrated with the power of VueJS and Laravel Frameworks. Beautiful component UI Designs powered by Vuetify and Material Design Icons ( Google ).